If you’re ready to start actively looking for residential or commercial properties then give us a call at 617-799-6928. Since 2006 Vestport Inc. has never had to charge any buyer a single penny to find the perfect investment! In fact in some cases we even rebate cash back at closing to buyers or pay their entire legal expenses! There are rare cases when a buyer may have to pay a compensation fee but it just hasn’t happened yet here at Vestport and we are very proud of that fact. Most times the seller pays both sides of any commissions due.

You can save yourself a significant amount of time and expense working with one of our Realtors to locate the perfect investment versus going it alone. We can setup a custom search for you that matches your exact criteria and then have the system automatically email you daily with any new listings. Simply select the properties from the new listings that you like, call us and schedule a tour. It’s that simple!