Current Market Status


Residential Real Estate remains HOT in the Massachusetts and New Hampshire area. Many properties are selling in record time and over asking price provided they are priced right. Sellers should have solid financing ready before even looking at properties and expect to pay over asking price. If your a buyer you can expect to miss a few deals before finally getting a home that works for your. The competition right now is pretty intense and as far as residential markets go it’s without a doubt a sellers market!


Commercial real estate can be a mixed market right now. Some properties like industrial, supermarkets, and restaurants that have takeout can be hot or sustain themselves while eat in restaurants and office sectors can be sluggish. This is of course due to the pandemic where people are just not going out to eat as much and most offices at the moment have remote workers already in place. Value and sales can be evaluated on a site by site basis. Zoning flexibility can be key here as well where other legal usages can make some sites more attractive than others.


Right now buyers can take advantage of some of the lowest mortgage rates in history and it’s a great time to buy! The key to getting the property your after is having your financing ready up front!

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